Have Your Priorities Mailed to You

OneView can be set up to automatically send you a list of priorities everyday based on our proprietary prioritization algorithm. Never miss anything that’s important, even if you don’t have time to access the dashboard.

Geolocate Your Assets with OneView Maps

What better way to map out your facility then to have all your assets plotted on an actual map where you can see their health status and quickly browse their maintenance log?

Create and Share Better Reports, Faster

Reporting on paper, excel or even a CMMS is not only time consuming, it also limits your ability to show what’s actually happening. Creating an information rich, image filled report on OneView is a bliss. Plus, it can be done from anywhere, even if you’re offline. Share your OneView reports easily, even with non users, with link sharing.

Don’t Miss a Thing With Customized Alerts

Some events require immediate attention and can’t be neglected. OneView will help you be always ready with alerts that are customized to display when you want them to.

Export Data Anyway You Prefer

All data inside OneView can be exported in order to be further analyzed or presented on different softwares. With not more than a couple clicks, tables and reports can be exported to csv and/or pdf format.

Organize Your Efforts With Inspection Routes

OneView allows managers to create and assign to teams customized inspection routes. But that’s not all, inside the system it’s also possible to follow up on what has actually been done in order to ensure compliance.

Create Insightful Reports With Ease

OneView’s powerful analytics and reporting suite enables managers and technicians to generate a variety of technical reports in only a few clicks. Plus, our dashboards are already loaded and prepared to display the most important analysis at all times.

Easily Follow Up on Trends and Create Trend Charts

Following up on trends is essential in order to understand what’s happening with your assets and predicting their future behavior. OneView makes it easy to create and analyze different trends for all your assets and machines.

Connectivity and Integration

Through its open API, OneView can be easily integrated to your existing softwares with the help of a developer.

Know What’s Really Urgent at All Time

OneView offers a function called “Priority Watchlist” specially developed for prioritization and double validation of reports inserted in the database. Using an advanced programming algorithm, OneView lists and organizes all the most critical entries in the system that must be prioritized and revalidated by a more experienced professional.

Fill In Information Faster, Not Slower

While most maintenance systems will actually make you spend more time on your normal activities, OneView is designed to seamless integrate to your day to day, making it faster, not slower, and enabling you to ditch paperwork. Our data entry and navigation interface was specially developed to provide maximum productivity, speed and agility.

Completely Customized To Your Needs

OneView allows complete customization for the end user. You can set up your own support tables such as failure modes list, common inspection points, list of machines and tags, criticality matrix, plants, areas, inspection teams and equipment types.

Map and navigate through your assets your own way

Organization is key to proper asset management, that’s why on OneView is easy to map out all your tags not only per location and criticality, but any way you want to organize them. The system empowers you to customize how you want to map out your assets in order to see all you need to know in one quick view.

Easily access equipment documentation

Track health and QA/QC history of equipment from anywhere. Inside OneView, it’s easy to select a TAG and instantly gain access to all its documentation, properly categorized and organized.

Prioritize critical assets and extend their lifecycle

No asset is the same. High-valued critical assets should never be neglected, since every omission will reduce their lifetime generating costs and risking unexpected downtime. Inside OneView, managers are able to categorize assets according to their criticality, and the system uses this information in order to prioritize urgencies.

Minimize equipment downtime

The only way to increase asset availability is by ensuring proper asset monitoring, risk management and properly timed interventions. This is exactly what OneView was created to do. No other maintenance software offers the same asset monitoring capabilities, much less presents it so effectively.

Cut unnecessary costs and increase your profits

OneView works in many ways to increase your company profits: enabling you to avoid unnecessary maintenance work, streamline operations, reduce paperwork, and overall improving your productivity by increasing machine availability.

Comply with regulations and protect the environment

OneView’s unique risk reporting capabilities help ensure assets that are about to become a liability are identified, properly prioritized and never forgotten.

Integrated view on the health of assets

Managers can easily spot anomalies by taking a quick look at OneView’s panel, and properly identify troublesome assets and the proper action to be taken using the different dashboard reports available on the system. Managing with OneView is as easy as it sounds.

Create a safer workplace for your employees

By avoiding failures and corrective maintenance, you’re not simply cutting costs and preserving your assets, you’re also improving workplace safety by ensuring operators are working with perfectly functional machines, and avoiding lots of unnecessary work.

Save resources with smarter maintenance decisions

OneView’s unique algorithm prioritizes urgencies on a watchlist, enabling the maintenance team to prevent failures waiting to happen, thus avoiding a bigger spend on corrective maintenance. But that’s not all, having a consolidated view of the current health and history of all assets will allow for smarter route and man-hour planning.

Access asset information from anywhere

Failures and urgencies will not wait for an available team. Due to its complete cloud-based development, OneView empowers managers and technicians to make the right decisions wherever they are, supplying decision makers with the complete history and documentation of all assets. Being on OneView is likings le being on site, but better.